European Journal of Health and Biology Education (EJHBE) is a biannual academic journal that analyses topics related to the education of health care and biology. The journal invites original papers that explore, analyze and review various topics in education of medical science and biology to stimulate the development of new theories.
EJHBE aims to reach an international audience of scientists by providing articles on research findings, health education methodology and policy development like community learning strategies or health promotion trends.

Scientists from various disciplines are invited to give their contribution. Topics that papers can examine may be, but need not be limited to:

*health education
*biology education
*curriculum development
*medical schools
*postgraduate education
*research design and statistics
*problem based learning
*sex education
*physical education
*clinical social work education
*measurement and evaluation
*health belief
*health professions education

There is no submission fee for the EJHBE. You may expect rapid peer-review and publication of your manuscript as long as academic standards are met.